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Ten Great XBox Live Arcade Games Worth the Dollar You’ll Spend


If you find yourself on Sunday, sitting on your couch, pondering why you just don’t feel motivated enough to take out your latest blockbuster game hit and immerse yourself – you’re probably hungover.  And you probably haven’t showered either.  And you may have even avoided a phone call from your mother because you’re feeling anti-social.  Perhaps your brain requires little more than remedial stimulation.  So take off those pants, grab your Hot Pocket and slouch like a champion because here are ten games that cost only $1 on Xbox Live and they are surprisingly dopamine inducing.   

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Sexism in Gaming


Sexism in gaming. It’s the proverbial pink elephant in the room – widely acknolwedged, but no one wants to be the one to stand up and ask what the hell it’s doing there in the first place. The technology scene has always been a male dominated one, especially in terms of video games. Marketing, media – they’re both targeted at a young, male audience.

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The Greatest games of all time


Griffon explains why he believes the following 15 games are the greatest games of all time – in his very humble opinion.

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To innovate or not to innovate


Innovation in gaming is like the introduction of the Star Wars prequels – everyone thinks they want it to happen, and then when it finally hits, all the fan communities can do is find something to complain about. Dropping the metaphor (where a vast majority of complaints are incredibly valid), the question is raised:  is it better for game devs to innovate and risk disaster or for them to stick with a tried and true formula and risk becoming stale?

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The top 12 most over-rated games…in this not so humble gamer’s opinion!


I know, I know….this has been done and overdone on so many sites and in so many magazines. But hey, this is my chance to vent on some games I have felt were far overrated over the years. It will ruffle some features I’m sure, but remember this list is only my personal opinion and nothing said here about any game should be taken as cold hard fact.

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Uphill Both Ways and All That Crap


I’m old.  Not old old, not puttering around with cane, gumming oatmeal old.  Not even close.  In real life I’m still a relatively young person or can at least pass for one (sometimes I even still get carded!).  This is not the case in the gaming world.  Oftentimes I feel like a relic of days gone by.  I started playing video games when all they could do was one thing and the controller had two buttons – two buttons!  I’m not complaining.  I’ve been lucky enough to watch the last 20 or so years of gaming evolution and to be […]

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A Community Affair


League of Legends, like all MMO* and MOBA* games, is based entirely on an online community. It is not designed to be a single player experience: instead the player is meant to forge a working type dynamic with other players as they work against the opposing team. In theory, this atmosphere should foster co-operation and respect, however, there enters the problem of anonymity on the Internet.

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