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Beat ‘em Up Royalty: Dragon’s Crown Review

8 out of 10 Great

Ahh, Dragon’s Crown why are you nearly perfect? Why did you have to lean so hard into a controversial art style and that the dialogue around the game focused on breast size rather than the fact that you are a strong gale in the otherwise stagnant waters of the beat ‘em up genre? In other words Dragon’s Crown, should I spend the next decade wondering if you will spawn a sequel, spiritual or direct, in the hopes that the problems will be fixed the next time? Dragon’s Crown surprised me. The enormous sprites, the gorgeous hand painted backgrounds, the way […]

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Review – Deadpool

This was a game that was always going to be a risk to make. In every moment of Deadpool, you know that High Moon has endeavoured to embrace the diverse facets of this character. Whether villain, anti-hero or fourth-wall-demolitions-expert, the character’s verbose tendencies had to translate from the comics to the video game. However, this also required High Moon Studios to translate two aspects of the Merc with the Mouth that are controversial, both in this game and in general – playful violence and gore, and male superiority. As a lady gamer, it has been very hard to explain why […]

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Review – The Last of Us

10 out of 10 Superb Recommended

As I sit here after having finished The Last Of Us, my thoughts and opinions swirling through my mind, I wonder how I can communicate all I’ve just experienced. How do you put into words what has been the most emotionally intense experience I have ever had whilst playing a video game? In the end, I expect it’s simply a matter of being completely honest, and the truth is The Last of Us is a perfectly paced, perfectly planned and perfectly realised game.

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Review – FUSE

It has been a while since I’d anticipated a game as much as I did with FUSE. The last was Bioshock Infinite, which I’m sure many agree was worth the wait. Having the chance to play a preview of FUSE though, this anticipation was different. I had an idea of what to expect and knew what Insomniac Games hoped the game would be, so I was curious to see how it lived up to these lofty expectations.

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Review – Injustice Gods Among Us

There has been enough debate regarding the construction of narrative in video games. I understand the merit, but can’t help but think that it sometimes turns out to be a cyclic argument as to who creates meaning in video games. While some see the player engagement as a support system for the story, others believe that the gameplay itself is how a player makes meaning and the story naturally matures through the individual context of the player.

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Dead Space 3: Awakened DLC Review

Dead Space 3: Awakened follows immediately after the closing events of Dead Space 3, promising more co-op fun (or is that terror?) with Isaac Clarke and John Carver. Adding more backstory to the Dead Space world and answering the question of just what happened to the duo after Dead Space 3’s finale, is the DLC worth the $15 asking price, or should you simply opt out of this experience?

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Review – Defiance

You may have seen the show by now. You may have played the game. But what is Defiance? Put simply, it’s an ok show that might take some time to warm to, but it’s also a very confused game. Let me explain that statement before you agree or disagree, but for the record, I have enjoyed playing Defiance.

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Dead Island: Riptide – You want more Dead Island? You got it!

I came a few months late to the Dead Island party.  I bought the game fairly quickly, but due to the packed nature of the latter half of 2011 I didn’t get around to it till April of 2012.  From then on I was hooked.  It’s one of the few games from the past few years I routinely go back to over and over.  So, you can imagine my eagerness when Riptide was announced.  I pre-ordered the first day it was allowed.  Still, there was some anxiety that they’d change up too much or screw with what worked in the […]

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A beautiful slice of heart pounding action – Crysis 3 review

First person shooters seem to be a dime a dozen these days, with every major publisher fielding an FPS title within their lineup of games. EA is no exception, but does Crysis 3 – their latest offering in the third person shooter domain – bring something new to the already crowded FPS corral? Or is Crysis 3 just another tired nag when compared the the drafthorse powerhouse that is the Call of Duty series? I won’t spoil the whole review in the first paragraph, but the short answer is Crysis 3 provides one hell of a ride.

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Will the Circle be Unbroken: A Bioshock Infinite Review

9.5 out of 10 Excellent Recommended

Loss, regret, religion, bigotry, revolution, quantum physics, hot dogs in trashcans.  Not exactly subjects that most video games choose to tackle.  But they are all themes found in Irrational Games’ Bioshock Infinite; a game of stunning beauty, shocking violence, and surprising intimacy.  While I’ll avoid major spoilers, this review will discuss the game’s overall story, and some of its key themes.  So if you want to experience the game completely spoiler-free, turn back now.  Otherwise, to fully understand Bioshock Infinite, it is necessary to go back to franchise’s beginning. And it begins, naturally, with a man and a lighthouse.

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