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Naughty Dog considering a sequel to The Last of Us

The Last of Us was one of the most universally acclaimed games in recent memory.  Virtually everyone who played it, loved it.  But ask the game’s fans whether or not they want a sequel, and they suddenly become much more divided.  For their part, Naughty Dog feels it would be a disservice to the fans to not entertain the notion of a sequel.  Read on for the details.

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The Last of Us: Remastered is coming to PS4

The worst kept secret in recent gaming memory is a secret no more.  The Last of Us, winner of about a gazillion game of the year awards last year, is headed to the PS4.  But this won’t be just a prettied up port of the PS3 original.  Naughty Dog is packing this new version full of extras.  Read on for the details.

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Last of Us sequel has a 50/50 chance of happening

One of the most critically acclaimed games of 2013, The Last of Us, has a 50/50 chance of getting a sequel, says Neil Druckkman, the game’s Creative Director.

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Two new videos shed light on The Last of Us: Left Behind

Have the tears dried?  Has your soul healed?  Is safe to return to The Last of Us?  Those are all questions you’ll have to start asking yourself, since the game’s first single player DLC, Left Behind, is about to be released.  To prepare its fans for another heart wrenching journey into their apocalyptic world, Naughty Dog has released two new videos; a developer diary and the entire cinematic intro.  Read on to see them for yourself.

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Writers Guild of America reveals game nominees for 2014 show


Since 2008, the Writers Guild of America has honored video game storytelling at its  annual awards show. The previous award winners make an eclectic bunch, as games ranging from Dead Head Fred to Star Wars: The Force Unleashed have walked away with the trophy (2008 and 2009 respectively).

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The Last of Us Story DLC details finally revealed

You know who’s been cagey for the last few months? Naughty Dog. They’ve teased us with the knowledge that they will be releasing story based DLC for the critically acclaimed The Last of Us, but that’s as far as they’ve gone. Until now. Finally they’ve broken their silence on the upcoming DLC – and it sounds like it’s going to be another emotional story, this time from Ellie’s perspective.

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Last of Us DLC news is (finally) on the way

Have we all recovered emotionally from playing The Last of Us?  Maybe?  Well, for those of you who have, it looks like the game’s long awaited single player DLC is finally on the way.  Those who are ready to return to the game’s post apocalyptic world, read on for the details.  For the rest of you, I hope your recovery is going well.

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Your Days Are Numbered, Boys

Gaming has long been a male dominated industry, in both its management and participation. But we are slowly seeing a move away from this with almost half of gamers being female1 and distinct measures taken to garner female involvement at all levels – management, development, and media. One thing that has taken more time, however, is changing the presentation of females in games. Game protagonists have traditionally been male, with females being relegated to lesser roles such as support NPCs, romantic interests, or needing rescuing from a castle (no not that castle, another one). Although this has been recognised, the […]

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Review – The Last of Us

10 out of 10 Superb Recommended

As I sit here after having finished The Last Of Us, my thoughts and opinions swirling through my mind, I wonder how I can communicate all I’ve just experienced. How do you put into words what has been the most emotionally intense experience I have ever had whilst playing a video game? In the end, I expect it’s simply a matter of being completely honest, and the truth is The Last of Us is a perfectly paced, perfectly planned and perfectly realised game.

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Two special editions for The Last of Us

Naughty Dog (Uncharted) has announced two special editions of its much-anticipated third-person survival-action game The Last of Us, made exclusively for the PS3.

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