America, F*ck Yeah!: Assassins Creed 3 gets a reveal trailer


 That’s right everyone, Assassins Creed 3 has a trailer and it’s just as Assassins Creedy as you might expect.  Set in UHMURRICA in 1777, I’m absolutely all a musketed tomahawk chucking titter about it.

Many years ago this great country was founded and fought for by the likes of our first president George Hamilton (I think that’s right).  You’ve read the history books… or I’m assuming some people have.  See, I grew up in America in the public school system where the majority of history lessons amount to “So the white guys won.”  In any case, obviously there was some sneaky assassin stuff going on behind the scenes (and up in the trees) during World War II here.  You’ll get to see some of it in the awesome trailer below from the official AC Youtube channel.  Enjoy the wolves!

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