Batman: Arkham City GOTY Edition coming soon, includes Harley Quinn DLC


In what has become a tradition of sorts in the video game industry, a top selling, critically acclaimed game from last year is being re-released in a super ultra fancy “Game of the Year” edition.  This time, it is Batman: Arkham City from Rocksteady Studios.  But this isn’t a simple repackaging at a lower price.  This particular GOTY edition is bursting at the seams with extras.  Read on to discover what will be included in the upcoming release, and to watch a slick trailer showcasing fan favorite Batman antagonist, Harley Quinn.

As announced by Warner Brothers Ineractive Entertainment earlier today, Batman: Arkham City GOTY Edition will feature all currently available downloadable content.  This includes the Catwoman, Nightwing, and Robin expansions, as well as all challenge maps and character skins.  In addition, the game will feature an all new chapter titled Harley Quinn’s Revenge, starring the popular troublemaker herself.  In the new chapter, players will play as both Batman and Robin as they struggle to unravel Harley’s dastardly plan.  Granted, the press release didn’t actually use the term “dastardly,” but I think it fits, don’t you?  Check out the trailer below.

For those of you who already have Arkham City, and just want to buy the Harley Quinn DLC separately, it looks like you’ll be able to very soon.  According to a twitter post from Sarah Wellock, community manager for Rocksteady, the DLC will be available for download on Playstation Network on April 29th for $9.99 and Xbox Live on April 30th for 800 Microsoft points.

Let’s not forget that Batman: Arkham City was Jen and Keller’s picks in our Game of the Year special back in December.  I happen to have it on good authority that they know a thing or two about good games, so if you haven’t tried out Arkham City yet, this re-release seems like the perfect oppurtunity to experience the game for yourself.  Batman: Arkham City Game of the Year Edition will be released in North America on May 29, and September 7 worldwide… don’t ask, I don’t know why there’s such a delay between the American and international release either.

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