Batman dispenses justice (and beatings) in new Arkham Origins trailer

Arkham-Origins-Banner“Crime doesn’t stop to watch trailers, so neither can I.”  That’s what Batman would say if you asked him to check out the new Arkham Origins trailer.  Luckily, you’re not Batman, so you’re free to watch it all you want, and I strongly recommend that you do so.  Read on for all the details.

The promotional campaign for the newest Arkham game has been a bit of a slow burn so far.  There was the splashy Game Informer cover story, and the behind the scenes footage to get fans acquainted with the game’s new developers.  However, there was no super awesome trailer filled with grit and fists and kicks and justice.  WB Montreal has finally remedied that with the release of the first full length trailer for the game, and it was definitely worth the wait.  Nearly five minutes in length, it’s more a short film than a trailer, and features Batman mixing it up with supervillians Deathstroke, Black Mask, and Deadshot.  Check it out below.


I thought it was required that all slow-mo action shots be accompanied by a low rumbling “BEEEUUUUUUUWWRRRRRR” sound effect.  Sorta like an elephant with indigestion.  Somebody better tell WB Montreal quick because this trailer had multiple slow-mo shots, and I didn’t detect a single BEEUUUUWWWRRRRRRR.  In any case, the trailer does set up the story of the game quite nicely, showing Gotham’s most powerful criminals teaming up to take down Batman on Christmas Eve.  Would’ve been nice to see some actual game footage, but maybe they’re holding off for E3.  I guess we’ll find out soon enough.

Batman Arkham Origins launches this October 25 for PC, Xbox 360, PS3, and Wii U.

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