Bethesda confirms you can play as a Vampire in Skyrim


Bethesda have comfirmed that players will indeed be able to get their vampire groove on in their upcoming release Skyrim. Speaking to G4TV at PAX Prime 2011, Todd Howard confirmed that vampirism was in the game, that it is a whole new mode, and that players can experience everything Skyrim has to offer whilst being afflicted (or perhaps gifted, depending on your preference) with the disease. For his full quote, check below.

From Todd Howard, via G4TV’s interview

“We are revealing that you can play a vampire in the game. So there are vampires, and some people have seen them and run into them. But you can contract that disease, and if you wait long enough you’ll become a vampire, and that’s a whole other mode of playing the game.

There are various levels of being a vampire, the sun will affect you more the more powerful you get, and you can sort of control your vampirism by feeding on people when they’re sleeping. You can sort of, you know, live the life as a vampire in Skyrim, and kill dragons as a vampire.”

So there you have it. Vampires are in. Could this game get any better?

Source: G4TV

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