Bethesda launches Skyrim Kinect support, teased DLC


OK, Skyrim players… raise your hands if you’ve ever yelled a dragon shout at your TV.  Come on, I know I’m not the only one.  Some of you have surely spent some time practicing your Fus Roh Dahs and Yol Toor Shuls in the privacy of your living room.  Well, your hard work is about to pay off.  If you’re an Xbox 360 owner, that is.  Today, Bethesda has launched an update which adds Kinect support to their roleplaying epic.  In addition to the voice commands, they’ve also released a teaser image for their first DLC expansion for Skyrim.  Read on for the details.

The Kinect update features support for over two hundred voice commands, and can be used during gameplay, or in Skyrim’s many menu screens.  Everything from equipping favorite items to issuing follower commands can now be done through Kinect voice recognition.  Most interesting of all are the dragon shouts, which can now be voiced not only in English, but in the language of the dragons as well.  Our collective nerd prayers have finally been answered!  Now all I have to do is buy a Kinect. Hmmmm… crap.  Anyway, for a full list of all the voice commands available in the update, click here.  Bethesda also made a special video to demonstrate the voice commands, which you can watch below.

In addition to the Kinect news, Bethesda also unveiled a teaser image for their upcoming Skyrim DLC, entitled Dawnguard.  The picture, which can be seen at the top of this page, features the Dovakhiin in all his nordic glory, sporting some seriously glowing eyes.  Details are pretty light right now, and by light, I mean completely nonexistent.  All we know right now is that the DLC will be released this summer, and will be exclusive to the Xbox 360 for a month.  Additional information will be released at this year’s E3, a little over a month from now.  So until then, all we can do is stare at the Dovahkiin, wonder who Dawn is, and why she needs to be guarded.

In a related story, it kinda sucks to be a PC and/or PS3 Skyrim player right now, doesn’t it?  Ouch.

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