Bioshock Infinite Limited Editions and New Trailer Unveiled


That thunderous crash you heard over the weekend was my jaw hitting the floor not once, but twice, thanks to Irrational Games.  They not only unveiled their limited and uber-limited editions of Bioshock Infinite, but they also debuted a brand new trailer that showed off some amazing new gameplay.  Read on for all the details.

First of all, let’s talk about those limited editions.  Yes, editions.  As in more than one.  Unveiled on their official website by creative director Ken Levine himself, the Premium and Holy-Bleep-Give-It-To-Me-Now Editions were a welcome sight to fans who haven’t heard much of anything out of Irrational Games for months.  The Premium Edition will retail for $79.99 and comes loaded with the following extras.

  • 5 x 7 Lithograph by concept artist Jorge Lacera
  • 25mm Handyman miniature from the Bioshock Infinite Boardgame
  • 3 inch keychain version of the Murder of Crows vigor bottle replica
  • Mini art book featuring concept art and commentary and fancy “hand-distressed” cover
  • Special in-game gear
  • Digital Soundtrack
  • Avatar costumes for XBL and themes for PS3/PC

Pretty impressive list of goodies, wouldn’t you say?  But what about that Holy-Bleep-Give-It-To-Me-Now Edition?  Well, it’s actually called the Ultimate Songbird Edition because it comes with this…


That is nearly ten inches of hand painted resin epicness, and it will set you back a whopping $149.99.  That’s the bad news.  The good news is that the Ultimate Songbird Edition comes with everything in the Premium Edition.  So I guess all you have to do is decide whether or not the Songbird statue is worth another seventy scheckles.  For a very cool, detailed look at everything offered in these limited editions, check out the official Bioshock Infinite preorder page.

But that wasn’t the only awesomess from Irrational Games this past weekend.  You many recall that they were running a poll, asking fans to vote on what they most wanted to see in the next Bioshock Infinite trailer.  Well, the votes are in, and the winners are Elizabeth, Skylines, and Handymen.  But even if the final tally doesn’t fit with what you wanted to see, there’s more than enough awesomeness in this trailer to impress every Bioshock fan.  Entitled “Beast of America,” you can check it out below.

Right?!  Why can’t I have this game now?  Life is so cruel and unfair and smelly.  Actually, I think the smell is my dinner.  Way too many onions on this sandwich.  I asked for onions, but there’s like an entire onion on this sub.  My eyes are watering.  Not really, but you get my point.  Anyway, getting distracted here. 

Bioshock Infinite.  Premium Edition.  Ultimate Songbird Edition.  Beast of America trailer.  Febraury 26th.  All in all, a good weekend to be a Bioshock fan.  Oh, and that song in the trailer?  “Beast” by Nico Vega.  You’re welcome. 

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