Bioshock Infinite Prequel E-Book Announced


The already impressive lineup of special editions and pre-order bonuses for Bioshock Infinite just got a little more diverse.  Irrational Games and Amazon are teaming up to bring us a prequel e-book called Mind In Revolt.  But there’s good news and Bad news.  Read on for the details.

First, the good news.  Announced earlier today on the Irrational Games website, Mind In Revolt will tell an original story that takes place before the events of Bioshock Infinite.  It will allow players to learn about the floating city of Columbia, and the various factions fighting for control of it.  Written by Irrational Games writer Joe Fielder and creative director (not to mention prolific twitterer) Ken Levine, Mind In Revolt promises to be quite an enjoyable diversion for fans as they wait for the game’s release.

Now the bad news.  Mind In Revolt is only available through Amazon.  You can either buy it for $2.99 with it is released on February 12th, or get it for free when you pre-order Bioshock Infinite.  Even worse, it appears as if it will only be available on Amazon’s Kindle line of e-readers and tablets.  No mention of the file type was made in the announcement, and no other platform was announced.

Now, before you start typing up your angry “PRE-ORDER CANCELLED!” posts on the Bioshock forum, keep in mind that seemingly exclusive pre-order content like this has a way of making it into the general gaming population eventually.  Even if it doesn’t, I don’t think Irrational Games would put any vital pieces of back story into an e-book that only a fraction of their fans will be able to read.  Or you could always just borrow a Kindle from a friend.  Or an acquaintance.  Or a random stranger on the train.  Any port in a storm, you know?  I gotta read more about the Vox Populi, damnit!

Anyway… *cough* …Bioshock Infinite will be released on March 26th.  I hope.

About the Author: (@Joe_of_the_Dead) Lead Editor, Writer

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