Bioshock movie won’t go ahead unless it stays true to source material


In a refreshing change from the usual video game to movie transformational adaptations, Irrational Games head honcho Ken Levine has stated the Bioshock movie won’t go ahead unless it remains true to the game’s source material, and that Irrational have no interest in making a Bioshock movie simply to make a Bioshock movie.

Speaking with Industry Gamers, Levine stated:

“We got very close to having it get made – we had a deal in place and a director. But for us there’s no burning [desire] to have a movie made just to get it made. For us and for Take-Two, it’s really got to be something that will a) give the fans something that they want, and b) for those who don’t know BioShock, really introduce them to something that is consistent with the game, and is it going to be a good representation of the game.”

There are differences between games and movies, no doubt, but the movie has to draw from the same DNA in terms of the world and the story beats. But you know, we don’t have a need to get it made.”

Good to know that despite the push to translate video games to movies, often at the cost of quality and the sacrificing of the game’s unique feel, the Bioshock movie (if it ever is released) won’t be following this trend.

In other Bioshock universe news, Bioshock Infinite is still on track for a 2012 release on PS3, Xbox 360 and PC.

Source: Industry Gamers (via AusGamers)

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