Bioware Announces Mass Effect 3: Retaliation DLC


Wow, a double dose of Mass Effecty goodness this week.  Hot on the heels of their largest patch to date, Bioware has announced their largest multiplayer DLC pack yet, entitled Retaliation.  It not only adds new weapons and classes, but also brings back some old adversaries.  Read on for the details, and to watch a trailer with a surprising cameo. 

Announced on the Mass Effect 3 website, with more info added on their official forum, Retaliation sees the return of The Collectors, the primary adversary from Mass Effect 2.  The Collectors will now be available as an enemy class alongside Cerberus, Geth, and Reaper forces.  To fight these new enemies, Retaliation will bring a whopping 16 new classes to Mass Effect multiplayer, 4 of which will be available at launch.  The other 12 will be rolled out over time.  Only two classes were named in the announcement: Turian Havoc Soldier and Turian Ghost Infiltrator.  One of which has friggin rocket boots.  Rocket.  Boots.  I’m not the biggest fan of Turians, but… rocket boots.  Might have to try that dude out.  And what good are new characters if there aren’t new guns for them to shoot?  Collector versions of the assault rifle, sniper rifle, and SMG will all be available in the pack, to go along with the new explosive, phasic, and drill ammunition types.  While there aren’t any new maps in this pack, six existing maps have been enhanced with environmental hazards like lightning and sandstorms to add an extra challenge.  Finally, Retaliation introduces the new Challenge Database, a collection of multiplayer assignments which collect points as they are completed.  Challenge points can be used to unlock in-game bonuses, as well as custom titles and banners. 

Phew… that’s a lot of content for one DLC pack.  No wonder Bioware will be rolling out the new classes gradually.  Now, I know I promised you a trailer, and I always make good on my promises.  Well, usually anyway.  So here it is.

See what I mean about the cameo?  I never expected to see Harbinger again, and his inclusion in the trailer has me scratching my head.  Will Harbinger be playing some sort of role in the DLC?  Or is his appearance just Bioware’s way of throwing a bone to those fans who felt his role in Mass Effect 3 was underwhelming at best?  I guess we’ll have to wait and see, but we won’t have to wait very long.  Retaliation launches on October 9th.

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