Bioware ceases ME3 multiplayer weekend operations

masseffect3logo1Just when you thought you had read the last story about Bioware closing the book on Mass Effect 3, we’ve got one last bit of sad news for you.  Bioware will no longer be creating and hosting organized multiplayer weekend operations.  Read on for the details.

The announcement was made rather unceremoniously by a developer in a thread on the Bioware Social Network.  The thread had been filled with speculation about the future of weekend operations when the developer, who uses the handle NPlewes, made the following announcement.

NPlewes wrote…

Hey guys – so yes the servers and challenge systems will keep running as long as we can keep them up but there will no longer be any organized weekend events.

While it’s not all that surprising that Bioware would be bringing their weekend operations to an end, the way they notified their fans does seem a little odd.  Usually, announcements such as this would be handled by the community team, in the form of a pinned thread. But since they are attending PAX East in Boston this weekend, NPlewes apparently decided to let the fans know on his own.

The good news is that the multiplayer portion of the game will continue to function for the foreseeable future.  While the operations will cease, the matchmaking and challenge systems will remain intact.  But the days of gathering your friends together to earn those commendation and victory packs are over.  Bummer. 🙁

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