Bioware panels from GaymerX 2014 now online


The problem with gaming conventions is that they always seem to be so very far away from where you are.  Even if you’re lucky enough to attend one, there’s always something awesome happening at another one thousands of miles away.  Bioware has decided to bring the conventions to you, posting their panels online for all to see.  Read on to check out their panels from the recent GaymerX convention.

GaymerX was held this past weekend in San Francisco, and Bioware was on hand to host a pair of panels, one all about the developer’s romances, and the other focusing on inclusivity in gaming.

The romance panel, entitled “Building a Better Romance,” discusses how romances came to be at Bioware, what purpose they serve, why the developer decides to tackle them in every new game, and what challenges they face during development.  Hosted by community manager Jessica Merizan, and featuring David Gaider, head writer for the Dragon Age franchise, Karin Weekes, lead editor at Bioware, and writer Patrick Weekes, it’s a must watch for any Bioware romance fan, and can be viewed in its entirety below.

The second panel, entitled “Freaking Out the Neighbors,” is all about inclusivity in gaming, and is once again hosted by Bioware community manager Jessica Merizan.

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