Bioware releases trailer for Reckoning multiplayer pack


Reckoning, the final expansion for Mass Effect 3 multiplayer launches tomorrow.  To make sure fans are as pumped as possible, Bioware has released a slick new trailer showing off all the new badassery the pack contains.  Read on for details, and to watch it for yourself.

Announced earlier today on the official Mass Effect 3 multiplayer discussion forum, the trailer shows off Reckoning’s four new classes kicking butt in new and exciting ways.  I’ve listed the four new classes below, in case you forgot.

  • Geth Juggernaut
  • Cabal Vanguard
  • Talon Mercenary
  • Alliance Infiltration Unit

The trailer’s release immediately followed a live demonstration of Reckoning on Bioware’s Twitch TV channel.  If you missed the livestream, it has been archived for viewing here.  The trailer itself is made of  pre-rendered CGI, and doesn’t feature any game play.  If you’re interested in seeing what the new classes look like in actual combat, be sure to watch the livestream.  And now, on with the show.


Now, I know what you’re thinking, and you’re wrong.  That wasn’t EDI you saw.  That was the Alliance Infiltration Unit.  But I totally understand your confusion.  So I’ve prepared a visual aide.


Better?  Cool.  Reckoning will be available for download tomorrow on Xbox 360, PS3, and PC.  As with all other Mass Effect multiplayer expansions, it will be available at no cost.  And while this will be the last DLC expansion for Mass Effect 3 multiplayer, it was confirmed during today’s livestream that the weekend “operations” would continue for sometime.

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