Bioware reveals retailer specific preorder bonuses for Mass Effect 3


Bioware have taken to their official forums to detail all the bonus items gamers who preorder Mass Effect 3 will be receiving, broken down by retailer. It’s the usual assortment of armor and weapons, and those who have already pre-ordered need not fear about missing out – Bioware have stated pre-order bonuses will be rolled over and those who have already put down their dollars on a pre-order will receive the bonuses. The extras will be available when the game launches. Check below for full details and videos of the pre-order items in action.

All individuals pre-ordering the game, regardless of which retailer they place their order at, will receive the M55 Argus Assault Rifle. The Argus is a good crowd-control weapon which is capable of firing rapid fire bursts.

Those pre-ordering the game at either Gamestop or EBGames will receive the N7 Warfare Gear, which includes the following:

  • N7 Valkyrie Assault Rifle – Deliver two rounds per shot with deadly accuracy and stop the opposition dead in their tracks with superior high caliber rounds.
  • N7 Defender Armor – Improved shields and health, players can survive even the most punishing of battles and withstand sustained enemy fire. The N7 Defender Armor also offers:
    • Increased ammo capacity. Additional ammunition compartments to ensure players are always battle-ready.
    • Amplified weapon damage. Built-in power cells provide an additional punch to weapon fire.

Those pre-ordering from the Origin website will receive the AT12 Raider Shotgun. The AT-12 Raider Shotgun fires a large pellet spread, providing maximum coverage for close-range targets. Designed for superior rapid fire, the AT-12 allows for optimal recovery time between shots.

Source: Bioware forums (additional info from Worth Playing)

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