Blizzard details new Diablo III artifacts


Blizzard has detailed some information regarding two new artifacts players can acquire in Diablo III. The first, called the Cauldron of Jordan will allow players to place junk items they don’t want into it, immediately turning them into gold. The second, the Nephalem Cube, works like the Cauldron of Jordan however this time the cube allows you to salvage crafting materials from your unwanted items. Check the full details on each of the artifacts below.

The full details on each artifact, as posted on

Cauldron of Jordan

Shortly after you begin your adventure, you’ll be provided with a useful little artifact: the Cauldron of Jordan. The cauldron allows you to skip trekking back to town when the time comes to sell your loot. After you obtain the Cauldron, you can reduce virtually any item in your inventory to gold, just as if you had sold it to a vendor. Gold can do a lot of things for you in Diablo III, from purchasing artisan services to repairing your damaged gear to buying shared stash slots. There’s more than one way to get value from loot though, which brings us to the other handy tool you’ll have at your disposal.

Nephalem Cube

The Nephalem Cube is another very helpful item that you’ll encounter over the course of your adventure. It works just like the Cauldron of Jordan, but with an important difference. When you click the Nephalem Cube it allows you to salvage crafting materials from your unwanted weapons, armor, rings, runes, and amulets. The process destroys the original item but yields a variety of materials that grow more powerful as increasingly rare items are salvaged. Thus, common items yield common crafting materials, but more rare and valuable items will yield potent mystical substances that can be used to create correspondingly mighty items and enhancements. You’ll want to keep a well-stocked hoard of crafting materials, because there’s great potential in those salvaged scraps.

More details on Diablo III’s crafting system can be found by clicking on this link, and fans of the series would do well to check it out. Looking forward to Diablo III? Think these items are a good addition to the game? Let us know in the comments below.

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