Blizzard releases Diablo III skill calculator


Diablo III fans – today is your lucky day – with Blizzard releasing Diablo III’s Skill Caculator on their Official Website. You’ll now be able to plan out your character’s active and passive skills long before the game’s release. Whether you decide to choose a Barbarian or Demon Hunter; Monk or Witch Doctor, or go for the much loved Wizard, you can now plan out just how you want your character to advance. As part of your choices, you’ll have to choose six active skills, three passive spells and also decide on runestones. And once you’re satisfied with your build (and feeling proud of how well you’ve compiled it) you can share your build with friends.

So what are you waiting for, Diablo fans? This is the holy grail right here! Head on over to Diablo III’s official website and get your build making groove on.

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