Bullet Time Launch Trailer


Bullet Time is almost upon us, and to celebrate the upcoming November 17th launch of the iOS action-adventurer, Kiloo Games has released a new trailer, which gives gamers a taste of what they can expect from the title. The game offers multiple campaigns, a large, living 3D world with a variety of quests and hidden secrets, and can also be tackled with the help of some friends with 3 player co-op multiplayer supported. Take a look at the trailer below, and make sure you mark November 17th on your calender if you own an iPhone, iPad or iPod!


Straight from Kiloo Games’ press release:

Kiloo Games are proud to announce Bullet Time the next massive action-adventure for iOS. Through a vivid post-apocalyptic world you’ll experience the engaging story of John Irish as he strives to reclaim his family from the grasp of a savage breed of mutated beasts. The game takes place in a depraved, distant future. Society has crumbled and only a few human survivors are living scattered throughout the wilderness. Play through the multiple campaigns delving deeper into the story of Bullet Time or join the action online, as players take part in three-player co-op multiplayer against the vicious mutated hordes! Bullet Time boasts a large, living 3d-world with quests, secrets and treasure to discover.

Every player character can be customized uniquely and every weapon can be upgraded extensively. Get ready for November as the countdown to Bullet Time begins now!

Kiloo Games is a 11 year old games development company with 50+ released titles and 30+ million achieved installs. The company developed and released the summer hit Frisbee® Forever for iPhone, iPod touch iPad in May 2011.

I’m in the process of grabbing myself an iPhone, and this game might just be the first game I purchase for it. Bullet Time releases November 17th for iPhone, iPad and iPod. iWant? Yes. Yes you do.

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