Bummer – Lots of Layoffs at Trion Worlds


This is the kind of news that poo poos on your day.  IGN has reported that  Trion Worlds has recently incurred quite a few layoffs.

It’s been suggested that roughly 80% of the positions at the company have been made “redundant,” though it’s not clear whether or not this figure is accurate or exaggerated.  Whether it is or it isn’t, people losing their jobs is still bad news.

It looks like the San Diego studio responsible mainly for the game Defiance is where most of the cuts are taking place and that most of those were support and developer staff for the game.  Did I mention this is a  bummer?

This announcement comes right on the heels of some other layoffs of the  Rift development team back in December.

IGN has a link to a Google document with open positions at various companies to try to help anyone looking for work.  Side note:  The document now appears to be “locked because of jerks.”  So don’t be a jerk.  You can read the full article and find that link here.

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