Bungie releases Destiny companion app

destiny-banner-2You know a game is a big deal when it gets its own companion mobile app.  Destiny is one such game, and Bungie has just released the official mobile app for the game, a day ahead of the launch of the public beta on Playstation platforms.  The app promises to keep you up to date on all things Destiny, even when you’re not planted on your couch.  Read on for the details.

Technically speaking, the Destiny Companion, as it is officially known, is not a new app at all.  It’s merely an update of the existing Bungie mobile app, which has been around for quite some time.  So anyone who has used the app will instantly recognize its forum, private message, and friends list functionality.  The update adds many news layers to the application, allowing you to literally take your Guardian with you, wherever you go.  You will be able to view your Guardian, change his or her appearance, and see the changes reflected in the game.  You’ll also be able to track every conceivable stat, from the number of kills you get with a particular shotgun, to the number of times the Butterfly of Healing lands on your head.  I actually don’t know if there is a Butterfly of Healing in Destiny.  But if there is, you bet your ass Bungie will be tracking its stats.  The app will even contain voluminous information about the characters and lore of Destiny, making for some excellent bathroom reading, I’m sure.  IGN got a sneak peek at the app in action, and posted their thoughts in video form.  Check it out below.

The Destiny Companion is available right now for free on iTunes and Google Play. The Destiny beta launches on July 17th for Playstation platforms, and July 23rd for Xbox. The full retail version of Destiny will be releases this coming September 9th.

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