Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare details emerge

call-of-duty-advanced-warfare-bannerHoverbikes, walking tanks, Kevin Spacey.  The holy trinity of cool, and the new Call of Duty game has all three of them.  Officially unveiled on Friday, Advanced Warfare looks like it just might be the truly next generation CoD game that Ghosts decidedly wasn’t.  Read on for all the latest info, including a very Kevin Spaceyrific trailer.

Unveiled late last week on the official Call of Duty website, Advanced Warfare will be the first game in the franchise built from the ground up to be a next generation experience.  Developed by newcomer Sledgehammer Games, Advanced Warfare is a completely new universe for Call of Duty, separate from the Ghosts, Black Ops, and Modern Warfare timelines.  The trailer, which you can see below, looks cool as all heck, and leaves the viewer asking a number of questions.  Hopefully, we’ll be able to answer some of them.

Damn, I don’t know what’s cooler… the hoverbikes, or the walking tank. While the trailer is packed with action, it doesn’t provide many specifics about the world that Advanced Warfare takes place in. Thankfully, that plucky little publication Game Informer scored another exclusive look at the game, and will be featuring it on the cover of their June issue. Gamespot has gotten hold of the Game Informer issue, and has been kind enough to share some details about Advanced Warfare that the trailer didn’t cover.

Advanced Warfare takes place in the year 2054, and opens with a catastrophic global terrorist attack of unprecedented size.  The game’s single protagonist is named Private Mitchell, and is voiced by Troy Baker, who is now apparently contractually obligated to appear in every AAA game.  There’s a rumor he will be voicing Mario in the next Smash Bros. game.  Anyway, back to Advanced Warfare.  Since it takes place in the future, the game makes heavy use of three staples of future technology: exosuits, lasers, and anti-gravity.  Mitchell will wear an exoskeletion which can be continually upgraded by spending points earned after every campaign mission.  The suit will enable Mitchell to perform superhuman feats like climbing up walls, jumping over huge distances, sprinting incredibly fast, and even cloaking like the goddamn Predator.  Bad. Ass.

Mitchell will start out as a US Marine, but soon comes under the employ of Jonathon Irons, played by Kevin Spacey.  Irons is the CEO of Atlas Corporation, which is a leading PMC, or Private Military Company.  For most of the game Mitchell will have to interrogate Irons, and try to piece together what exactly happened on that boat in the Port of Los Angeles, and who the mysterious Keyser Soze is.  Wait, sorry… that’s The Usual Suspects, not Advanced Warfare.  In Advanced Warfare, you’ll be working for Spacey/Irons/Soze, as he tries to bring order to the world, or something like that.

While it’s true that Sledgehammer will be developing Advanced Warfare for Xbox One, PS4, and PC only, it doesn’t mean that the game will not be appearing on current gen systems as well.  Another, as yet unnamed developer will be bringing the game to XBox 360 and PS3.  Call of Duty Advanced Warfare will launch globally this November 4th, so I’ve got plenty of time to get that “Advanced Warfare breaks sales records” article ready.

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