Call of Duty: Black Ops II reveal trailer


Calling all BLOPS fans – today is your lucky day – with Activision and Treyarch not only confirming the existence of Call of Duty: Black Ops II with a reveal trailer – but also stating that the game will take place in a future setting of 2025.

And the info keeps coming – the release date for all systems – PC, PS3 and Xbox360 is November 13. Despite the date-in-the-future setting, there will be parts of the game which take place in the 1980s – confirmed by scenes shown in the reveal trailer (just look at those lovely galloping horses – all motion capped from real horses too).

The franchise’s well known and well-loved walking dead are confirmed to be back, and according to CVG’s Blops 2 Demo Preview, the development team were given “free reign to do pretty much whatever they want with the mode regardless of the direction the campaign is headed in.” In more zombie news, the multiplayer engine has apparently been updated and improved, allowing for double the amount of walking dead on screen – and more zombies is always a good thing, right?!

Perhaps the most exciting and intriguing aspect of the preview, however, is the mention that Call of Duty: Black Ops II will feature a branching storyline, which will provide players with the ability to make key decisions surrounding the plot’s direction. In addition, the player’s success or failure during certain points will affect the story.

For the full preview, head on over to CVG.

And for your viewing pleasure, check out the reveal trailer below.

Source: CVG

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