Capcom announces Remember Me pre-order bonuses

remember-me-banner-2We’re now less than a month away from the release of Capcom’s new action-adventure game, Remember Me.  To get the hype train rolling, they’ve announced a host of pre-order bonuses which will enhance your experience both in the game, and out of it.  Read on for the details.

Unveiled earlier today on the Capcom Unity blog, the pre-order bonuses are a fairly standard assortment of promotional tie-ins and in-game powerups.  To make things interesting and/or annoying, the bonuses will vary greatly depending on where you pre-order the game.

Buyers who place their pre-orders at Best Buy, Amazon, and Steam will receive special pressens to use in combat.  Now, I hear you asking “what the frak is a pressen?”  Firstly, I’m about to tell you, so be patient.  Secondly, no one uses “frak” anymore.  It’s over.  Let it go.  Pressens are special moves which you use in the game to customize your combo trees.  Some pressens increase your damage, others lower your cooldown times… you get the idea.  The pre-order pressens will allow you to perform the classic Flash Kick, Spinning Bird Kick and Dragon Punch from the Street Fighter series.  While it’s unknown if these pressens give you any sort of advantage in combat, they certainly do look cool.  And it never hurts to look cool while kicking ass.  Capcom even put together a little trailer to show off the Street Fighter pressens.


If you prefer to do your pre-ordering at Gamestop, you’ll receive a 24 page prequel comic from Dark Horse, detailing one of Nilin’s earliest missions.  These prequel comics can be pretty hit-and-miss, but since Remember Me is an entirely new IP, it might be interesting to learn a little more about the main character, and the world she inhabits, before jumping into the game.

Remember Me will be available on PS3, PC, and Xbox 360.  It launches on June 4th in North America, and June 7 pretty much everywhere else.

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