Capcom shows off new Deep Down gameplay

deepdown-bannerHey, remember Deep Down?  It was that cool dungeony looking dragon slaying game Sony showed off at their Playstation 4 reveal back in February.  We haven’t heard much about the game since, but Capcom finally released some gameplay footage this week at the Tokyo Game Show.  Read on for the details.

If your memory needs a little refreshing, Deep Down was first unveiled during the Playstation 4 reveal all the way back in February.  Its mix of incredibly detailed graphics, brooding atmosphere, and visceral combat made it one of the most talked about games of the event.  If you’re still having trouble remembering, maybe the trailer will jog your memory.

Since then, we’ve learned very little about Deep Down.  The game was a no-show at E3, but a few details did leak out at Gamescom.  Namely, that the game actually takes place in the year 2094, and features characters traveling back in time to slay dragons and other nasty beasts in self-generating dungeons. Fast forward to September, and the Tokyo Game Show, where Capcom has finally shown off some footage of Deep Down in action.  Check it out below, courtesy of GamesHGMedia.

Well, that was… something.  I realize that the game is still a long way from release, and there isn’t even a release window yet.  But after watching that amazing trailer, which was billed as being rendered “in-game,” this gameplay footage is a bit underwhelming.  Let’s hope that Deep Down consists of more than just smashing jugs and stabbing giant naked mole rats while listening to someone’s disembodied ramblings.

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