In case you missed it: Destiny, E3 2014

destiny-banner-2Doesn’t it seem like Destiny has been in development for, ohhhhh… forever?  Believe it or not, Bungie’s next big thing is actually being released this September, and Destiny was everywhere at this year’s E3.  But if you happened to miss some of the trailers, demos and interviews, we’ve got you covered.  So read on to get caught up.

Bungie kicked off their E3 2014 by premiering a brand new trailer for Destiny at the Sony press conference.  This was the second year in a row Destiny had opened the Sony presser, which shows just how important the game is to the PS4.  Even though Destiny will be multiplatform, a number of extras, including the recent alpha, were exclusive to the Sony console.

Bungie community manager eric Osbourne then took Destiny over to the Gamestop stage for a live demonstration of Crucible, Destiny’s competitive multiplayer component.  The match was a six on six game of territories, and the action looked at once smooth and chaotic.  During the demo, Eric took the time to discuss the different types of multiplayer available in Destiny, how XP earned in multiplayer and singleplayer will work, and how Bungie is planning to make a level playing field for all players, among other topics.

As I mentioned above, PS4 owners got the chance to sign up for an exclusive Destiny alpha, which took place this past weekend.  While there’s a thousand and one different videos of the alpha online, this one from Playstation Access covers the most ground, in the least amount of time.  Still, it’s a solid 30 minutes of brand new, never-before-seen Destiny footage.  So sit back and enjoy.

Anyone who know us here at Save Game knows that we love customizable characters.  So we were pretty darned excited when Bungie revealed that Destiny would include a character creator.  The video below covers every aspect of the alpha character creation screens, and they look like a lot of us to us customization junkies.  So what kind of character are you going to make first?  I’m leaning towards a female Awoken.  Yeah, I know… big shocker there.

As shown in the video above, players can choose from three classes in Destiny: Titan, Hunter and Warlock.  But how are these classes different?  And how are they the same?  The video below provides an in-depth look at the Hunter class, and how it stacks up in PvP combat against the other two classes.

Continuing on from the Hunter video, the next one details everything you’d want to know about the Titan class.

Here’s a look at the Warlock class.  Or as I like to call them, Space Wizards.

Finally, when E3 was over and the alpha was winding down, Bungie released a second new trailer.  Featuring Bungie co-founder Jason Jones, the trailer is more like a miniature documentary, covering everything that has led up to this moment in Destiny’s history, and where the game is headed in the future.  It’s a must watch for anyone even slightly interested in the game.

The Destiny beta kicks off this July 17th, and the full game will be released this coming September 9th.

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