In case you missed it, here’s all the good stuff from VGX 2013

vgx-12-7Just in case you had better things to do than stay home on a Saturday night and watch a three hour awards show with no audience in which very few awards were actually given out, we’ve got everything you need to see from VGX 2013, right here.  Because we have no lives.

As you might’ve heard, last night’s VGX was a bit of a mixed bag.  On the upside, you had some really cool world premieres.  On the downside, you had winners making speeches to nobody in particular, a half hour rap concert for some reason, and an openly hostile host who made numerous jokes about adult diapers.  So we’re gonna stick to the upside, starting with a brand new trailer for Thief, which will be released in late February, 2014.

Next up is the unveiling of one of the worst kept secrets at this year’s VGX, Tomb Raider: Definitive Edition.  Coming in late January for Xbox One and PS4, the game will feature enhanced graphics and all of the multiplayer DLC.  It will not support 3D play. so for the 3 of you out there who own 3D televisions… sucks to be you.

Scott Amos from Crystal Dynamics and Camilla Luddington, the voice of Lara Croft, stopped by the VGX “interactive loft” to chat about the new game.  I include this video even though it contains Joel McHale being a dick because I promised to include all the good stuff and Camilla definitely falls into that category.

Telltale Games won the “overachiever” category this year by debuting not one, but two new games.  The first is Tales from the Borderlands, a co-production between Telltale and Gearbox Software.

And then there’s Game of Thrones, which is destined to be one of the funniest games of 2014.

Speaking of funny, how about a brand new trailer for South Park: The Stick of Truth? As of January 1st, this game will be on my must-buy list for the third consecutive year.

Speaking of destiny, how about a new trailer for Bungie’s Destiny, which will be released next September? While some of the footage has been seen before, the trailer does feature some brand new music from longtime Bungie composer Martin O’Donnell, and it’s reliably epic.

The Regginator also stopped by to show off Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze.  If you like your awards shows to be awkward, brimming with tension, and spiked with overt threats of violence, then this presentation is for you.  Just watch that poor bastard from Retro.  The pain in his eyes…

Up next is a trailer for Tom Clancy’s The Division, and the game’s revolutionary Snow Drop engine. It’s true, the aftermath of a virus which brings about the collapse of the United States has never looked better.

Tim Schafer showed up in all of his flannel coated glory to give an extended look at his upcoming adventure game, Broken Age.  The video also features a surprise cameo from that guy from Deep Impact!  Not Morgan Freeman, the other one.–bz8k

You remember Quantum Break? That mashup between video game and television show which first debuted during the Xbox One reveal and left everybody scratching their heads? Turns out, it’s looking pretty cool after all. The lesson here is to never doubt Sam Lake, even when he’s sporting a Robert Lutece hairdo.

Respawn Entertainment was also on hand, and they brought a pair of trailers for their upcoming Xbox One exclusive, Titanfall. The trailers featured first looks at two new classes of Titan; the Ogre and the Stryder.

CD Projekt Red debuted a brand new trailer for The Witcher 3, and it rocked. Hard.

There was also a live demonstration of Techland’s first person zombie survival game, Dying Light. Looks cool and all, but everybody knows that the first person zombie shooter genre peaked with Resident Evil: Survivor, right? Right.

Finally, there’s usually one game at every big industry event that catches people totally by surprise. This year, it was undoubtably No Man’s Sky. Being developed by Hello Games, the small independent studio (seriously only 4 people work there) had everyone’s jaw on the floor after debuting their ambitious new game.

You catch that part in the trailer about every atom being procedural? This game promises to do some amazing things with exploration. Anything that can be seen can be travelled to. For real.  Be it a distant mountain, a moon in the sky, or a twinkling star in the deepest reaches of space. Sean Murray from Hello Games was at VGX, and offered up even more mind boggling hints about the game.

Is he adorable, or what?

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