Casey Hudson offers new ME3 details


Warning: reading the following sentence may cause hyperventilation and/or seizures in some extreme cases. The release of Mass Effect 3 is less than two months away. Casy Hudson, executive producer of the Mass Effect series at Bioware, recently sat down with Game Informer for a wide ranging interview that touched on many of the topics fans are most curious about. Among them: how they’re making combat more unpredictable, why multiplayer matters, and what the heck “story” and “action” modes are.

On the subject of multiplayer, Hudson once again went out of his way to calm the fears of some fans that sticking to single player will hinder their ability to achieve the game’s best ending:

It’s more about an option. Some people will want to get to the end as fast as possible, but they’ll play multiplayer whenever, indefinitely. That’s one way to play it – to play the single-player story, go straight to the end, and not do any of the character stuff or side plots, but you play a little multiplayer now and then. Alternately, if you’re really focused on the single-player, you can do a more completionist playthrough and end up with the same results.

When asked about how level design has evolved since Mass Effect 2, Hudson said his team has worked hard to make combat less predictable.

One of the things we wanted to address, for example, was in Mass Effect 2 often you would see where you’re going down at the end of the hallway and know, that’s settled, that’s where I’m going. In Mass Effect 3, we constantly try to change your perception of what you need to do. You’ll be at point A, and you’ll look over at point B and think that’s where you have to go, but halfway there something changes – there’s a redirect, or people come in from a different direction, or you fall through to a lower level.

If you are even marginally interested in this game, I strongly recommend you read the interview. In addition to the subjects already mentioned, Hudson takes time to discuss a number of other things fans will be interested in, including how he plans to help the player feel more connected to Shepard, and what his plans are for the future, not only for himself but for the franchise in general.

The full interview can be found here.

Source: Game Informer

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