CD Projekt is busy working on at least five new titles

cdprojektCD Projekt has  been very ambitious lately.  They’ve already stated the The Witcher 2: Enhanced Edition would be “the most complex story every told on Xbox.” The company is taking this drive and putting it into developing several new titles and a next-gen game engine to boot.

The Red Engine is in the works for both PC and console and as if this wasn’t enough of a task, CD Projekt Red is also releasing, well…everything I guess.  The gist of what I just read is that in 2014 and 2015 CD Projekt will be the only people releasing games.  They will be releasing all of the games.  All of them.  This is an exaggeration, but sometimes I do that.  Forgive me.  No word on what the AAA title will be about specifically, but the company’s managing director Adam Badowski stated it will be “a mature RPG and story-driven game.” (Eurogamer)

They sure seem to be brimming with confidence about all this big news.  Is it too early to tell CD Projekt Red to just take all my money?  Maybe I’ll wait to see.  I’m just kidding.  Just take all my money.

Source: VGN24/7

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