Change in Driver: San Francisco DRM

driverIt’s a case of if you didn’t like DRM A, now you’re getting DRM B this week after Ubisoft announced changes to the DRM featured in its upcoming Driver: San Francisco. Originally intending to launch the PC version of the game with DRM which would have required players to be connected to the internet at all times, Ubisoft has now revised that plan.

But don’t get excited. Their revision includes a different type of DRM – this time requiring the player to connect to the internet at the start of each play session. So now, instead of forcing you to be online for the entirety of your play session, you only need to connect to the internet every single time you want to play. Much better, right?

DRM – where would we be without it?

The PC version of Driver: San Francisco will be releasing on 27th September, with the console versions released at an earlier date of September 6.

Source: 1-UP

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