Child of Light trailer illuminates the world of Lemuria


The question of whether or not video games are art can be answered with a resounding “well, duh.”  That being said, some games are decidedly more art that others.  If a new trailer is any indication, the upcoming platfomer RPG hybrid Child by Light looks like it will be falling into the more art category.  Read on to judge for yourself.

Oh to explore the wilds of a land unseen.  To come away to a place far more bigger than a dream.”  So begins the newest look into Child of Light, one of the most beautiful games I’ve seen in quite some time.  Being developed by Ubisoft Montreal, Child of Light is the story of a girl named Aurora, who after seemingly dying from a mysterious illness, awakes to find herself in the world of Lemuria.  To save the kingdom and return home, she must take back Lemuria’s sun, moon and stars, which have been stolen by an entity known as the Queen of the Night.  Billed as a playable poem, Child of Light will mix platforming and RPG elements in a side scrolling adventure through a beautifully realized world.  Take a look for yourself in the trailer below.

Not since Okami have I seen graphics that so closely resemble a painting brought to life. I just hope the gameplay will be as compelling. Fortunately, we won’t have long to wait. Child of Light will launch worldwide this April 30th for PC, PS3, PS4, Xbox 360, Xbox One and Wii U.

About the Author: (@Joe_of_the_Dead) Lead Editor, Writer

Joe was born in a time of war. A console war. Two electronic titans were locked in a heated battle for the living rooms of America. Which titans, you ask? Well, the Fairchild Channel F and the Atari 2600 of course. You see, Joe is old. So many of his favorite games tend to be on the older side as well. But that hasn’t stopped him from developing unhealthy obsessions with such modern franchises as Halo and Mass Effect. Just don’t tell him how long it’s been since the original Metroid was released. His aging heart can’t take the shock.

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