Choice of Faction in The Secret World permanent


Gamers might want to think long and hard regarding their faction choice in the upcoming MMO The Secret World (and by long and hard I mean above ‘hey, I wanna be green!’). Ragnar Tornquist, the Creative Director of the game has revealed once you choose a side – that choice is permanent and you’re in that faction for life. So you better be sure which faction you want to align with before you make that decision. What’s unclear is whether your choice of faction is tied to your whole account, or just the character you are currently playing.

Ragnar’s full statement, from an interview with AusGamers:

“The factions, of course, are a huge part of the game and we want players to be as invested in their secret society as possible, before they even start playing the game. And that choice is final. When you’ve chosen to be a Templar, Illuminati or Dragon, that’s it — you’re that for life.”

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