Commencing Grand Theft Auto 5 Info Dump!

gta5title1Just days after the release of three new trailers for Grand Theft Auto 5,  fans are buzzing again over a host of media previews which have appeared online.  They’ve offered up a wealth of information on everything from combat to exploration to character customization.  Read on for the details.

Over the last few months, Rockstar has held Grand Theft Auto 5 preview events for select media outlets.  I must have lost Save Game’s invite.  Or maybe it was stolen.  My mailman did take an unexpected vacation recently.  Hmmmm…  Anyway, while these previews are a must-read for any fan, it will take some time to peruse them all.  If you’re in a hurry, or just want a quick rundown of all the information that was revealed, I’ve got you covered.  Scroll down for the bullet points, featuring new details on practically every aspect of the game.  And since we’re doing this bullet-time style, I figured we could use some musical accompaniment.  So click play, and let the bullets fly.


  • Los Santos is 5 times bigger than all of Red Dead Redemption
  • All areas of the game are accessible from the beginning
  • Scuba tanks allow underwater exploration
  • Yes, there are sharks
  • Yes, the sharks can eat you
  • You can switch between characters at (almost) any time
  • Republican Space Rangers is back
  • Photos taken with the in-game smartphone can be uploaded to the Rockstar Social Club
  • Dynamic missions can be found anywhere, similar to Red Dead Redemption
  • Characters can be given custom haircuts, tattoos, and clothing
  • A skill system similar to San Andreas returns. Skills improve as you perform certain tasks. For example, piloting becomes easier the more time you spend flying airplanes.
  • Vehicle customization also returns with a wide range of performance and aesthetic modifications available
  • New weapon customization system. Scopes, sights, extra clips, etc.
  • Real estate is back.
  • No, really, it’s back. Homes, businesses, garages, and marinas can all be purchased
  • Combat is smoother, more intuitive, and has new animations
  • Characters pop in and out of cover easily, and can execute combat rolls
  • Three options for targeting: hard snap, soft lock, and free aim
  • Over-the-shoulder combat view borrowed from Max Payne
  • Health can now regenerate, but only to 50%, med packs needed to restore more
  • Heists play a huge role in the game
  • Players control all aspects of a heist, from planning and recruiting, to execution
  • Each heist will consist of numerous sub-missions, leading up to the actual heist
  • Each heist will have multple levels of risk and reward
  • Players will switch between all three characters during heists, often at will, with a few pre-determined choices mixed in
  • Heist is one of those words that if you keep saying it over and over you sorta forget what it means. Like couch.

OK, you can shut off Propellorheads now.  We’re done with the bullet points.  But the in-depth articles are still worth a read.  Check out the coverage at Game Informer and Videogamer when you have the time.  Grand Theft Auto 5 will be released September 17th, which feels like the distant, distant future right now.

About the Author: (@Joe_of_the_Dead) Lead Editor, Writer

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