Commencing GTA5 Info Dump!


The slowly dripping faucet that has been releasing miniscule amounts of info on the next Grand Theft Auto game over the last year or so has suddenly turned into raging torrent.  Game Informer, as they do, have unveiled exclusive details, and we’ve got them for you.

Once again, Game Informer has scored the exclusive reveal of a major title.  How do they do it?  What’s their secret?  Anyway… this time, it’s Grand Theft Auto 5.  A hub has been set up on the Game Informer website which is where you’ll be able follow the planned month long revealathon.  The first bit of info that went up earlier today was the game’s cover, which you can see below.

gta5-gi-coverSo… a trio of angry dudes.  Not exactly a surprise, I guess.  Thanks to a very informative thread on NeoGAF, we know that these three guys are all playable in the game, and are the primary protagonists.  From left to right, we’ve got Trevor, Franklin, and Michael.  Each character is unique in personality, motivations, and skills, and all exist in the story simultaneously.  The thread goes on to list a number of other interesting tidbits from the article, which is a whopping 18 pages long.  Some of the biggest are:

  • Random NPC encounters have been revamped and expanded
  • Side missions will be more complex
  • Character appearance will be customizable, but the system from San Andreas will not return
  • Recreational activities founs within the game include golf, tennis, yoga, and triathalons
  • In game economy will be expanded, but there will be no buying of property
  • Driving, weapon, and melee controls have all been refined

Most interesting of all in that the new Los Santos is the biggest open world Rockstar Games has ever created.  It is bigger than San Andreas, Red Dead Redemption, and GTA4… combined.  Now that’s big.  It was obvious that GTA5 would be bigger than GTA4, but it’s hard to grasp the amount of real estate this game will encompass.  It’s seriously mind boggling. 

Kotaku has also been doing some digging through the Game Informer article too, and has come up with additional details, including:

  • Players can switch between three protagonists at nearly any time
  • Characters from GTA4 might appear in the game
  • Friendships are back, but the romance missions are out

Huh… I think this is a good time to revisit my breakdown of the first GTA5 trailer.  I made a bunch of predictions in that piece, and as it turns out, I was sorta right and sorta wrong.  Golf and multiple player characters?  Nailed it.  Pets and dating?  Not so much, at least for now.  Game Informer is planning a month of reveals, so hopefully this is just the beginning of their info dump.  The next big reveals should come next week when a brand new trailer is set to arrive.  Trust me when I say that I’ll be all over that thing.  See you then.

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