Company of Heroes 2 Digital CE and preorder incentives revealed


Hold onto those military issued hats, Company of Heroes fans, as THQ announce the Digital Collector’s Edition and the pre-order incentives for Company of Heroes 2.

Customers preordering the game from participating retailers will receive a global preorder bonus which consists of two medium weight vehicle skins, the German Rotbraun and Soviet Leningrad.

In addition to these incentives, those of you purchasing the game through Steam will also be enrolled into the Steam Pre Purchase Tiered Reward Program which is set to feature several rewards including unlocks for Team Fortress 2 and Warhammar 40 000 Dawn of War II Retribution.

Those preordering from Origin shouldn’t feel left out, with the same global preorders of the vehicle skins being offered, in addition to an exclusive Soviet Bryansk Front vehicle skin to convert their heavy vehicles.

Finally shopTHQ pre-order customers will receive the same global pre-order incentives as the other retailers in addition to the Command Pass. The Command Pass will entitle players to download new bonus multiplayer maps as well as take part in members only events. The Command Pass will also be available for separate purchase post-release.

Moving onto the digital collector’s edition, and it seems those of you wanting the full Company of Heroes 2 experience would do well to note the contents of this edition. The digital collector’s edition will include:

  • access to the first 3 single player “content packs” when they are available
  • the Command Pass
  • exclusive heavy German Whitewash and Soviet WInter Cobblestone tank skins
  • a veteran badge to display on the player’s in game profile
  • the original Company of Heroes game with both its expansions

That’s some pretty sweet additional content, right?

Company of Heroes 2 is scheduled for release on PC in early 2013.

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