Dead Space 3: Awakened DLC Launching Tomorrow


The reports of Dead Space’s demise have been greatly exaggerated.  After rumors of the series’ cancellation swept the internet last week, Visceral Games has unveiled a new expansion to the space horror franchise.  We’ve got all the details and an appropriately gruesome trailer after the jump.

As outlined on the official Dead Space website, Awakened tells the story of Isaac and John’s return to the derelict ship Terra Nova.  Once there, they discover that the place has become infested with koala bears. It’s the cutest infestation ever!  Actually, those horrifying Unitologists have turned the place into their own private dismemberment and body mutilation club, which are against Tau Volantis zoning regulations.  So it’s up to Isaac and John to shut the place down.  Check out the trailer below.


Lauded by Visceral as containing some of the most graphic and disturbing imagery in the history of the Dead Space franchise, Awakened can be interpreted as an appeal to those fans who felt that the series was beginning to stray too far from it’s horror roots.  Awakened will be available March 12th on PC, Xbox 360, and PS3 for $10 or 800 MS points.  And if you haven’t picked up Dead Space 3 yet, this is a perfect time to try it out.  Our fearless leader Tash seemed to like it, and she’s a pretty good judge when it comes to stuff like this.  You can trust her.

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