Dead Space: Catalyst novel releasing October 2


Good news for fans of the Dead Space series, with Tor Books announcing a second Dead Space novel is in the works. Releasing October 2, the novel, entitled ‘Dead Space: Catalyst‘ will be written by B.K Evenson, who previously penned the first Dead Space novel, Dead Space: Martyr. In keeping with the trend started by Martyr, Dead Space: Catalyst will also be set prior to the events in the first Dead Space game.

The book blurb on Tor/Forge’s Blog reads:

Dead Space: Catalyst takes place three hundred years in the future, where mankind is tampering with the dangerous alien technology gleaned from the Black Marker, an ancient alien artifact discovered on Earth centuries earlier. Hoping to end resource constraints that threaten to make mankind extinct, the urgency sinks the already unscrupulous EarthGov to new lows. At this early stage, the Marker threat is just appearing – and is maybe even contained – except if it finds the catalyst it so desperately seeks.

Two brothers, one with a special but broken mind, the other forever conflicted by the impossible chore of keeping him out of trouble, cross paths with EarthGov and the Markers at this critical juncture and forever change the course of the Marker outbreak.

For the full cover art, and additional information about the novel, check out the Tor/Forge Blog.

Source: Tor/Forge Blog

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