Defense Grid: Containment bringing more aliens to steal your cores

Good news for PC fans of Defense Grid, the popular and award-winning tower defense game in which players fend off waves of increasingly challenging aliens trying to steal their energy cores.

After a very successful Kickstarter campaign, indie video game company Hidden Path is finally releasing its new Defense Grid expansion pack Containment, which includes eight new maps, a new story, two new characters (voiced by Firefly’s Alan Tudyk and E.R.’s Ming-Na Wen), and 32 new challenge modes.

Containment follows previous Defense Grid expansions BorderlandsResurgence, and the hilarious You Monster featuring Gladys from Portal.

Kickstarter backers are already playing Containment, and PC players will get their chance via Steam on July 23 for $4.99.

Sadly (for humans, anyway), the company appears to have no plans to offer Containment to Xbox players, where Defense Grid continues to be a top-seller on XBLA.

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