Deus Ex DLC heading to Hitman Absolution


If you were as much a fan of Deus Ex: Human Revolution and Adam Jensen as I was, today is about to get a whole lot better for you. IO Interactive have announced two new Deus Ex themed pieces of DLC for Hitman: Absolution.

Working collaboratively with Eidos Montreal, who developed Deus Ex: Human Revolution, the ‘Deus Ex Suit’ and ‘Deus Ex Zenith Gun’ add-ons will let Hitman: Absolution players dress Agent 47 in Adam Jensen’s armor and use his handgun when competing in Contracts mode.

The Deus Ex Suit is the iconic combat armor used by Adam Jensen in Deus Ex: Human Revolution, and it provides better protection from firearms. The Zenith pistol, Adam Jensen’s 10mm compact pistol of choice can be fitted with a Steiner-Bisley silencer to ensure missions can still be completed like a silent assassin.

IO Interactive have released the trailer below which shows both pieces of DLC in action.

The Deus Ex Suit and Deus Ex Zenith Gun DLC add-ons are available for 80 Microsoft Points each via the Xbox Live Marketplace or for $1 each on the PSN and Windows PC. Given these are small pieces of DLC, players need to own Hitman: Absolution to download and use the add-ons.

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