The Dragon Age Inquisition character creator is glorious

dragon-age-inquisition-bannerAs Bioware fans will no doubt tell you, one of the things that make Bioware games special are their in depth character creators.  It’s become a right of passage for many to spend large amounts of time crafting their own heroes, and by the looks of the character creator in Dragon Age Inquisition, that tradition won’t be ending any time soon.  Read on to check it out for yourself.

Earlier today, creative director for the Dragon Age series Mike Laidlaw hosted a Twitch stream which gave us our first good look at the character creation options in Dragon Age Inquisition.  Joined by producer Cameron Lee, the two spent over thirty minutes going through all the various customization options.  From iris color wheels to mustaches of doom, it’s a half an hour of the best character creation porn I’ve seen in quite some time.  The only drawback to the demonstration is that Laidlaw and Lee only cover human male and Qunari female options.  Here’s hoping that Elf and Dwarf characters get their own demo sometime soon.  Equal time rule, darnit!

The video also featured an extended look at Dragon Age Inquisition gameplay.  Taking place in a previously unseen section of the Deep Roads, the demo features exploration and combat footage, narrated by Laidlaw and Lee.  Check out the Twitch archive below.

Dragon Age Inquisition launches November 18th.

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