Dragon Age Inquisition gets new trailer, release date

dragon-age-inquisition-banner-newSeems like it was only yesterday that we were all wondering when Bioware would finally announce the release date for Dragon Age Inquisition.  Oh wait, it was yesterday.  Barely twenty four hours after unveiling their next game’s cover art, Bioware has announced its release date.  To go along with that good news, they also released a new gameplay trailer.  Read on for the details.

The announcement came earlier today on the newly relaunched Dragon Age website, which has been updated with new screenshots, music, and a preorder link.  Dragon Age will be launched this October 7th on PC, PS3, PS4, Xbox One and Xbox 360, and will retail for $59.99.  A deluxe edition will also be available for an additional $10, although nobody knows how the deluxe version will differ from the standard edition.  My guess?  A lock of Varric’s hair.  Preordering the game will grant you access to the impressively titled Flames of the Inquisition Pack.  But again, your guess as to what the pack contains would be as good as mine.  I’m thinking it has something to do with fire, though.

So now that we know what we’ll be doing on October 7th, let’s relax and watch a brand new trailer for Dragon Age Inquisition.  Just be warned that it’s sorta spoilery.  So if you’re one of those freaks who have to go into a game absolutely pure, you should probably shut off your computer and never return to the internet.  The rest of you, enjoy…

So yeah, that was pretty friggin awesome.  If anyone is asking “was that Leliana in that one shot?” allow me to give you the answer.


Yup, that’s her. Although Bioware hilariously misspelled her name in the URL. Apprently, she goes by “Lileanna” now.

Oh and that epic Last Supper shot at the end?  Here’s a high res version.


So from left to right… looks like we’ve got Cullen, Vivienne, Varric, no idea, Bald Nicolas Cage, Cassandra, The Inquisitor, Iron Bull, some dude with a mustache, Leliana maybe, an Elvish archer, some lady rockin a bun, and Beardy McGuiness.

Check out the new Dragon Age media page for even more high resolution eye candy.

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