Dragon Age Inquisition tavern songs can now be downloaded for free

dragon-age-inquisition-banner-newTrying to unite warring nations against an evil force threatening to destroy the world can be an exhausting job. That’s why many Dragon Age players have made a habit of stopping into the Herald’s Rest, Skyhold’s tavern, for some rest and relaxation. One of the hallmarks of the Herald’s Rest are the songs performed by the tavern’s bard. For a limited time, Bioware is offering downloads of those songs for free. Read on for the details. 

When not drinking and chatting with comrades, the thing most players enjoy doing most in Skyhold’s tavern is listening to Maryden, Skyhold’s bard, perform her songs. Some are uplifting, some are mournful, but they all have a timeless beauty that stays with you long after you’re back to slaying dragons. After getting many, maaaaany requests, Bioware has decided to make the songs available for free.

In a post on their official Blog, Bioware states that the songs are their way of saying thank you to their community. For the next two weeks, all of Maryden’s tunes can be downloaded for free, along with the accompanying sheet music. At some point after the two weeks have passed, the songs will be made available for purchase through “popular digital platforms.” So I’m guessing iTunes, Amazon, etc.

In the blog post, Bioware also mentions that performing one of Maryden’s songs would be a good way to enter their Fan Celebration Contest. The contest, which gets underway in a few weeks, asks fans to create “something awesome” to show their love for Dragon Age. Examples of awesome stuff include artwork, music, crafts, video and cosplay. Entrants can win everything from a Dragon Age t-shirt signed by the dev team to an Xbox One console.

The song files and sheet music all come together in one zip file, which can be downloaded here.

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