Dude makes a shirt that plays Tetris

ScreenHunter_03 Jul. 01 19.12Sometimes, you just have to stop and appreciate the stranger parts of the gaming world.  No, I’m not talking about those tentacle porn simulators.  I’m talking about a dude having the notion to play Tetris on a t-shirt, and having the will and technical proficiency to see his vision realized.  Read on to see Tetris played on a shirt.  You won’t regret it.

This story comes to us from those lovable scamps over at the Creators Project, who every Wednesday, feature an item of wearable technology.  This week’s example is a plain white t-shirt that just so happens to also have a working Tetris game built into it.  DIY tech enthusiast Marc Kerger wanted to celebrate the upcoming 30th anniversary of Tetris in a unique way.  One day, probably while folding laundry, he was struck with the idea of playing Tetris on a t-shirt.  128 LEDs, an Arduino processor, a few batteries, and a lot of fabric softener later, his creation was complete.  Check it out below.

Let’s forget for a moment the rather awkward ergonomics of playing Tetris on your chest. Sure, you’d either have to cramp your neck looking down, or play facing a mirror, but the dude made Tetris on a t-shirt! And it works. I could have written about Battlefield UI tweaks today, or the upswing in PS Vita sales. But be honest. Aren’t you glad I wrote about this instead? Sometimes it’s nice to be reminded how gloriously weird we gamers are.

About the Author: (@Joe_of_the_Dead) Lead Editor, Writer

Joe was born in a time of war. A console war. Two electronic titans were locked in a heated battle for the living rooms of America. Which titans, you ask? Well, the Fairchild Channel F and the Atari 2600 of course. You see, Joe is old. So many of his favorite games tend to be on the older side as well. But that hasn’t stopped him from developing unhealthy obsessions with such modern franchises as Halo and Mass Effect. Just don’t tell him how long it’s been since the original Metroid was released. His aging heart can’t take the shock.

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