EA Releases Episode 2 of Their Medal of Honor WarFighter Seal Team 6 Combat Training Series


EA has released a new episode of their web series promoting Medal of Honor Warfighter, which chronicles all the different elements that need to come together to form a unit as deadly as Seal Team 6.  This newest episode highlights the person who is usually first to the action, the Point Man.  Read on to watch for yourself. 

Here’s how the developers describe the Point Man’s role in the team.

The SEAL Point Man exemplifies speed, surprise and violence of action by assuming the inherent danger of placing himself in the first and most exposed position yet mitigates his risk with rapid speed, agility and extreme operational awareness.

I don’t exemplify any of those things, so I guess that means I’m not SEAL Team 6 material. But the folks interviewed for this series definitely are.  Check out episode two below.


Pretty slick how they mixed real life and in-game footage.  I honestly had a hard time figuring out which was which more than once.  If nothing else, this game is going to be gorgeous.  As far as actual gameplay goes, we’ll hopefully have some hands-on info for you soon.  In the meantime, ponder this: could “Medal of Honor Warfighter Seal Team 6 Training Series Episode 2: Pointman” be the longest title in the history of  promotional web videos?

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