EA shows off improved Create-a-Sim mode for The Sims 4


For many, one of the most fun things about The Sims is getting to design their appearance.  Unless you’re one of those people who just picks presets.  If you are, then I’m sorry, but we can’t be friends.  The rest of you will probably want to check out the new video EA just released of the fancy new creation mode that will be included in The Sims 4.  Read on to check it out.

The video went up earlier today over on the official Sims website, and it shows off all the nifty features that the new create-a-sim mode will contain. In past versions of The Sims, creating your own custom individual meant tediously adjusting slider after slider after slider.  Some people are into that.  Me, not so much.  In The Sims 4, you’ll be able to directly manipulate every feature on your Sim’s body.  From eyebrows to butt cheeks, everything can be tweaked and shaped.  Options for hair, makeup, clothing and tattoos have also been expanded, and can be swapped in and out much more quickly and easily than in past versions of The Sims.

Narrated by Sims producer Ryan Vaughn, the video also highlights creations made by members of The Sims staff, and it’s pretty remarkable how closely they’ve been able to mirror their real life appearances.  Check out the video below.

While there’s no specific release date for The Sims 4 yet, a fall 2014 launch is expected. I’m gonna go ahead and guess…ohhhhh, I don’t know… November 10th. Come back here when it launches to see how close I was.

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