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We are less than 36 hours from the EB Games Expo and with all the publishers and developers vying for your attention, which booth should you visit first? With a lineup featuring Metro: Last Light, South Park: The Stick of Truth, Darksiders II for Wii U and WWE 13, THQ is making a very strong argument for their booth to be first on your to-visit list.

First up, it’s Metro: Last Light, and THQ is going all guns blazing with the first ever Australian live gameplay demonstration. Follow Artyom on his perilous journey through Moscow’s subway system as he fights to stay alive not just against mutant creatures, but also the harsh post-apocalyptic surface of the earth.

Another title I’m looking forward to seeing is South Park: The Stick of Truth, and again THQ is providing the first ever Australian public viewing of a whopping 14 minute playthrough video. Embark on a journey to the hazardous battlefields of the fourth-grade playground where South Park’s saviour will rise.

Both Metro: Last Light and South Park: The Stick of Truth will be screened in an enclosed theatrette seating 15 people per session. Across all three days, Metro: Last Light will be screened on the hour, and South Park: The Stick of Truth will be screened on the half hour. Take note, however: both these screenings are eyes only, and no cameras or camera phones will be allowed.

Following up this one-two punch, THQ delivers a solid uppercut with Darksiders II playable on the Wii U. This is the first time the Wii U has been available to the public for hands-on play and the Darksiders II content featured on the console will be the newly released Argul’s Tomb DLC. Controlled by the Wii U’s gamepad, the touch screen acts as your inventory management system, in addition to supporting some gyroscopic motion control for dodging. And if there’s one thing we love here at Save Game it’s gyroscopic motion control.

Company of Heroes 2 will also be fetured, with the game fully playable for the first time. The demo will be playable on two powerful Alienware m17x and m18x notebooks, where you will be able to control your troops in absolutely freezing weather conditions, guiding them to victory against the Germans. Pretty cool, right? ….sorry. I just had to.

Rounding out THQ’s lineup for the EB Games Expo is WWE 13, where the demo, which is not being publicly released, will be loaded up on two Xbox360’s. Check out the new Predator 2.0 combat engine and experience the single-player campaign based on the influential Attitude Era.

And just in case you thought they had forgotten one of my all-time favourite games – THQ will be giving away some sweet Saints Row: The Third merchandise to lucky visitors to their booth who are cosplaying as any character from any THQ game. Which provides me with a perfect opportunity to dust off my purple fedora and channel my inner Zimos….

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