Epic will preview next-gen Unreal 4 Engine at GDC


Epic Games has busy getting their new next-gen engine ready for a behind closed doors look at GDC this year.   Only the most important folks (see: the money people) will probably be in on the show as well as some lucky appointment only media types (myself not included).

Whenever I think of a game company unveiling a new groundbreaking engine or secret media meetings with non-disclosure agreements I have a specific picture in my mind.  In my head there is always a slighty sweaty and  nervous office assistant in business casual trying to operate a crude power point presentation.  Specifically for Epic I envision them using those stock clip art characters, but they’re all carrying little chainsaw bayonet guns.  When the presentation is over I like to picture Cliff Bleszenski standing, looking at the audience expectantly and saying  “You all have boners right now, am I right?”  And everyone would nod.  Because they do.  I mean that’s just a given.

Source: VG24/7

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