Feel the love in the Gran Turismo 6 opening cinematic

GT6Opening cinematics are usually the things you can’t wait to skip out of once you’ve watched them once or twice.  But the first few minutes of every Gran Turismo game is special.  While there have been many imitators, nobody does car porn like Polyphony Digital, and the just released opening to Gran Turismo 6 is stunning.  Read on to watch it for yourself.

Christmas 1997 was quite a memorable one for me.  It was the year I got the original Gran Turismo.  The game didn’t leave my PS1 for a month, and I almost failed a few classes that semester because I was too busy playing.  I haven’t touched the game in a decade, but I can still play the opening cinematic in my head with perfect clarity.  The graphics, the music, the editing.  It was so far beyond anything I had ever seen before, I instantly realized that I could never go back games like Ridge Racer again.  The video for Gran Turismo 6 might not have the impact of the original.  These days, many games from rival studios can match the series’ graphical prowess.  But no other studio can capture their passion for automobiles like Polyphony Digital, and their opening for Gran Turismo 6 does not disappoint.  Check it out below.

That’s not car porn. That’s car love.  Gran Turismo 6, with its 1200 cars and 33 different locations, releases worldwide tomorrow for the Playstation 3.  Yeah, that’s right.  The PS3.  That was all in-game, current generation graphics.  The mind boggles at the thought of what Polyphony Digital will be able to do with PS4.  Well, my mind boggles anyway.

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