Gamescom Trailerpalooza: EA Edition


EA made quite a splash at Gamescom this year, showing off not one, not two, but three games from Bioware, the first campaign footage of Battlefield Hardline, and a whole lot of sports stuff which you may or may not care much about.  In case you missed their big press event, Trailerpalooza has got you covered.  Read on to check out everything new and shiny from the EA press event.

Bioware opened up the festivities with an 8 minute gameplay demo of Dragon Age Inquisition, featuring all new footage.

They also released a brand new trailer for upcoming RPG. Look closely, and you’ll catch a glimpse of Hawke, the protagonist of Dragon Age 2.

EA Sports was next to step onto the stage, and they brought a brand new trailer for NHL 15 with them.

Then came an extended gameplay demonstration of The Sims 4.

If you’d rather just check out the new Sims 4 trailer, check it out below.

If you’re hankerin for more sports, EA’s got you covered. After The Sims, we got an update on FIFA World.

Want more soccer? I know I sure do. Check out this look at FIFA 15.

Bioware retook the stage to show off the improvements and updates they’ve made to Star Wars: The Old Republic.

Bioware also brought along a trailer for their latest expansion for The Old Republic, Galactic Strongholds.

Completing the Bioware trifecta was Shadown Realms, a brand new online multiplayer RPG which promises something called “dynamic co-operative four versus one” gameplay. Check out the official site for more information.

EA wrapped up their press event with an extended look at Battlefield: Hardline’s campaign.

If all this wasn’t enough EA awesomeness for you, the entire press event is available to watch online here.

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