Gears of War 3 Released Early in Norway

GOWcampaignshotSomeone’s gonna get in trouuuubbblllle.  Looks like a retailer in Norway through the site  is ignoring all the rules and has released copies of Gears of War 3 long before the September 20th release date.  Of course, everyone is scrambling to figure out the root of the problem to decide who should be punished and how and all that, but people already have the games so I’m not sure how much good will come out of that.  I guess we’ll just have to accept what I’ve always known, which is that Norwegians are the most renegade, rebel rule breakers on the planet.  Shame on you guys! …. Also can you send me a copy all the way from Norweige?

Here is a link to the site that reported it.  Apparently there are magical symbols that I cannot seem to translate on this page so I don’t know how anyone was able to find out the real story.  EDIT:  I’ve been told these “magical symbols” are the Norwegian language.  My bad.

Source: VG247

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